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Rehabilitation of Sensory Perception

What is Warmth Therapy?

What is Warmth Therapy?Warmth Therapy is a therapy to warm the body and stimulate the nerve by using far-infrared thermal mat. This mat contains a special stone called ’Maifan Stone’, which has a wavelength that can be absorbed by the human body.

Warmth Therapy should be conducted by Physical and Mental Activated Therapy (PMA) trainers according to theguideline for trainers.When conducting warmth therapy, the PMA Trainers should stimulate the patient’s hands, shoulders, back, feet and knees in a fixed rhythm, and at the same time count numbers with the patient.

Effects of Warmth Therapy

Warmth Therapy is a fundamental procedure in the whole PMA therapy programs and a warming-up preparation for the physical exercise that follows. The patients with dementia experience always feel happy and comfortable when receiving warmth therapy. Here are the virtues of warmth therapy.

  1. The rhythm of breath is adjusted and the functions of circulatory system are gradually improved.
  2. The contraction ability of muscle improved.
  3. Metabolism is speeded up and capillary resistance is promoted.
  4. Promote the blood circulation.
  5. Reduce the physical pain.
  6. Feel grateful and feel closer to the trainers.

Rehabilitation of Nervous System and Physical Function

What is Finger Sports?

What is Warmth Therapy?Fingers of hands are referred to as the ‘second brain’.Finger Sports is an exercise to activateperipheral nerve of fingers and then activate the brain cells. A specialkind of exercise equipment is used, which is made of silicon rubber with high elasticity. Doing finger sports is quite easy and effective, even those who are suffering from Sequela of apoplexy can also be rehabilitated through doing the sports. If you do it step by step in the accurate order, the effects will be more notable.

Effects of Finger Sports

After doing finger sports for a certain period of time, you will feel:

  1. Strengthen the muscle of arms and hands.
  2. Arms, hands and fingers are getting more agile than before.
  3. Get a higher degree of concentration ability and memorization ability.
  4. About 75% of patients who are suffering from sequela of apoplexy can move their hands after 3 months of doing finger sports.
  5. The pale look on the face disappears (about 90%).